Why StairStep Dog Training?

Based in Port Saint Lucie, FL

StairStep Dog Training is named after the methods used by Greg Hollen.  We know that everything must be learned in order just as steps must be taken in order.  For a dog’s well being, it is always best to teach basic behaviors first before starting advanced work.  Just as we have to learn addition and subtraction before multiplication and division, dogs need to learn basics before moving on to to learn advanced behaviors.  

Training with your dog is more than teaching them to sit or lay down.  It is about relationships.  Building your relationship through training allows you to take your dog anywhere dog friendly without stress or struggle.  

What We Do

We help owners.  We help with information and knowledge to help owners work with their dogs and help them become a valued family member. 

We train dogs.  From puppy preschool to advanced training, we customize our programs to fit you and your dog’s needs. 

We keep dogs in their homes.  Everything we do is with the goal of keeping dogs in their homes.  When you have a dog, you have a responsibility to educate, train and support your dog to create the relationship, boundaries and rules for living together.  

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Excellent Service

We are dedicated to providing excellent service to our customers.

Expert Advice

If you need advice to help your dog behave better, call us. 

Experienced Team

Our many years of experience have taught us how to train effectively.


Our prices are affordable, and your investment will pay off.

Free Consultations

We'd be happy to have a conversation about options for your dog.

Creative Solutions

Let's talk about how to remedy specific problems your dog might have.

We Teach Dogs to Behave in Society

There are no bad dogs, just untrained ones.

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