Board and Train

dog sittingDon’t just board your dog, board and train your dog with StairStep Dog Training.  This exclusive program is in a home environment so not only does your dog learn obedience but we also teach house manners.  Living with Greg, along with his wife, Camille the Wonder Dog, and Shadow the dog training cat, we make sure your dog understands how to live in society.  During the training, we also go out to many of the dog friendly locations to give your dog experience at working in different environments.  We offer the following options for our Board and Train dog training program.

First Level:  This program is a 7 day program where we work with your dog on leash with the basics in obedience and behavior. We include pick up at your location and when we bring your dog back, there is an immediate lesson so you and your dog can start working together.  We include 2 follow up lessons to help you along with one year of full support including phone and, if the situation requires it, additional home lessons. The cost of this program is 795

Second Level:  Our next level program is our 14 day begining off leash program.  Based on remote collar, we work with your dog to start teaching it how to work without the influence or restraint of the leash.  We include everything from the first level along with a high quality Dogtra remote collar. Cost of this program is  1395.

Top Level:  Our 30 day program is our ultimate program.  Based on the remote collar, your dog will be working off leash in multiple environments along with additional command of Place (stay on your mat).  This program is recommended for dogs going on to advanced work such as gun dog, scent work, etc.  We give lifetime of the dog support with this program.  The cost of this program is 2995

StairStep Dog Training is pleased to offer custom services in a genuine, personal environment.

We Teach Dogs to Behave in Society

There are no bad dogs, just untrained ones.