Board and Train

dog sittingWe have different training programs to suit your needs The basics of our programs are private lessons and board and train. No matter the program, owner continuation of training will be important. Dog owners will need to be ready to dedicate one hour a day to training your dog.

All programs are based on non-aggressive dogs. Aggression cases are evaluated on a case by case basis.

Private Lessons:

Private lessons are conducted at the dog owner’s location and various locations around the area. They are approximately an hour long and each lesson builds off of the last so it will be very important that the assigned practice is adhered to.

The Basics:

This is a 6 lesson program based on teaching your dog to pay attention, heel, sit, down, and stay on leash. $695

Basic Plus:

This 10 lesson program is designed to put you ready to go to off leash work. $1095
Board and Train: Board and train programs are limited in availability. We only allow 2 dogs at a time for training to ensure your dog receives the attention it deserves. Your dog lives with us as our dog with time out and about to learn basic house manners.

Jump Start Program:

This program consists of your dog spending 2 weeks with us learning the basics of obedience and manners. After your dog comes home, we have follow up lessons to transfer the training to the owner. We include the training equipment in this program. $1995


Dogs that have been through our Jump Start program are also eligible to return for boarding when you travel. Your dog will live with us the same as the Jump Start program.  We pick up and deliver your dog back to you at pre-scheduled times.  $65 per day including pick and drop off days.  

StairStep Dog Training is pleased to offer custom services in a genuine, personal environment.

We Teach Dogs to Behave in Society

There are no bad dogs, just untrained ones.