Our Team

When it comes to happiness of you and your dog, you want the best. Modern techinique, tested and reliable methods, caring and knowledgeable staff – at StairStep Dog Training, we understand how important these are to you and your dog. We measure our success according to your dog’s happiness and good behavior. 

Our trainer has extensive experience in training from basic obedience to advance work such as service, gun and scent dogs.  

greg and his dog

Trainer – Greg Hollen

Greg Hollen has been training for over 20 years and has worked full time as a professional trainer since 2007.  He has trained hundreds of dogs in basic obedience along with dozens for therapy work.  He has also trained gun dogs, service animals in mobility assistance and hearing assistance along with one of the few Pipe Line Leak detection dogs in the country.  He is the founder and former owner of Indiana Working Dogs in Greenwood, IN.  

dog on a hike

Wonderdog – Camille

Camille the Wonder Dog is a  7 year old Beauceron (French Shepherd) that has been Greg’s partner in training since 12 weeks old.  She works at Retrieval, Scent Work, Tracking, Mobility Assistance, and, of course, Obedience.  She is a valuable member of the team with her calm attitude and her strong work ethic.  Don’t let her fool you though, she has a mischievous streak and enjoys Frisbee and chasing small, squeaky animals.  

StairStep Dog Training is pleased to offer custom services in a genuine, personal environment.

We Teach Dogs to Behave in Society

There are no bad dogs, just untrained ones.

dog looking up