Puppy Development

Puppy development is one the most important thing you can work on with young dogs. From the moment you receive your puppy, you are training it so make the most with our puppy programs.  From socialization to people to imprinting obedience and other activities, we can build a program for you.  All dogs will benefit from these programs no matter the goals.

Puppy Private Lessons: $445

This 4 lesson program covers: Socialization, Sound sensitivity, Imprinting obedience, crate training, leash training, grooming, potty training, and many other aspects of puppy ownership. Lessons are conducted at your home and nearby dog friendly businesses. This is a one on one individual program and can be customized to fit your individual needs.

dog chasing tennis ball

StairStep Dog Training is pleased to offer custom services in a genuine, personal environment.

We Teach Dogs to Behave in Society

There are no bad dogs, just untrained ones.

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