happy smiling dogFirst things first, let me welcome you to the StairStep Dog Training blog. We will cover many different topics about dogs. Without further ado, let’s get this party started.

It’s Christmas time again and for many people that means puppies. Let me stop you right there. Do not get a puppy for Christmas. Let me repeat that. DO NOT GET A PUPPY FOR CHRISTMAS. I know you have heard that time and again from other sources but I’m going a step further and telling you the why part of this. I even made a list:

  • There is way too much going on. Going to visit relatives or have them visiting you, parties, all the different things that we do during the holiday days makes it virtually impossible to focus on the needs a puppy has.
  • Too many things for the puppy to chew and eat that would end up requiring a vet visit. Ornaments, toys, paper, candy, poinsettias, and many other horrible, nasty things that can cause problems.
  • House training your puppy would be a nightmare with all the activities and confusion going on. “I thought you took the puppy out”, “No, I thought YOU took the puppy out” and in the meantime, that poor dog is learning to go in the house.
  • Puppies need quiet time and during the holidays, that is hard to come by. Why do you think booze sales are highest during that time. There is no stopping the ruckus.

I’m not all about not getting a puppy, timing is everything. Go find a plush dog that resembles the puppy you will be getting and wait till after the holidays are over to bring the little thing home. You will have a much better chance of getting things done correctly if you wait. Of course, when in doubt, you call me and I will help you.

Have a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Greg from StairStep Dog Training.

P.S. Look for my bringing home puppy list that will be forthcoming on the blog.